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Long Reach, the largest of Columbia’s ten villages, has a long and varied history beginning with its original planning in 1969 and the arrival of its first residents in 1971.  The village of Long Reach is comprised of four neighborhoods: Jeffers Hill, Kendall Ridge, Locust Park, and Phelps Luck.  The village gets its name from pre-Columbia, Maryland history from the original name of the land grant given to Major Edward Dorsey in 1696, which was of course Long Reach.

This easternmost village of Columbia has grown to more than 17,000 people residing in over 6000 households. The community association of Long Reach is headquartered in Stonehouse, the community center of Long Reach established in 1974 along with the village center. Stonehouse also offers a variety of spaces for events to be held and there are neighborhood centers for the village.  Long Reach is nothing if not family friendly: it boasts 24 playgrounds for its young residents to enjoy!

Most of Long Reach’s street names come from the works of the American poet Robinson Jeffers, and of course the Jeffers Hill neighborhood is his namesake.  Phelps Luck is shortened from the original 1695 land grant, Phelps His Luck.  The 1688 land grant Locust Thickett inspired the name of the Locust Park neighborhood.  And finally, Kendall Ridge most assuredly took its name from the 1701 land grant labeled Kendall’s Delight.

The village center of Long Reach contains a grocery store, restaurants, a gas station, and other retail shops.  This is also where the Columbia Art Center, offering classes and exhibitions for the culturally inclined, is located.  Within Long Reach proper are two elementary schools and the very highly rated Long Reach High School.  Middle school age students attend Bonnie Branch, Mayfield Woods, or Owen Brown Middle Schools, but there is always the possibility that a middle school for this village will come to fruition as was the original plan.

Long Reach continues to grow with the phase one grand opening of Blandair Park in 2012.  Originally planned in developed clusters so that natural areas could retain their beauty, Long Reach is a lovely place to call home in Columbia.  Contact our team for more information about real estate in the largest village of Columbia.

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