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This south central village of Columbia, Maryland is located on the western side of MD Route 29. Hickory Ridge features large trees throughout its serene neighborhoods, with the 900 acre Middle Patuxent Nature Preserve serving as its border to the west.  Hickory Ridge is in close proximity to downtown Columbia (Town Center) and contains Howard County General Hospital and Howard Community College.  If you need convenience is a quiet setting, Hickory Ridge is the village for you.

Hickory Ridge was first occupied in 1974 and its name comes from the original name of the land it occupies.  The three distinct neighborhoods in this village are Hawthorn, Clary’s Forest, and Clemens Crossing. Clary’s Forest (the largest section in Hickory Ridge) gets its name from the original land owner John Clary and the streets come from the work of William Carlos Williams.

Continuing Columbia’s planners’ affinity for American authors and poets, Hawthorn is the name of a poem by Amy Lowell and the street names come from her work as well. And finally Clemens Crossing is named after Mark Twain, (Samuel Clemens) and the street names come from his writing.

Within Clary’s Forest are the two condominium complexes of Sierra Villas and Barnside Condominiums, with a still standing silo marking this land’s heritage as a former farm.  More history is found when discovering the Athol Marker, approximately 100 feet down a pathway along Sixpence Circle in Clemens Crossing, and dated 1730 as an survey marker.

Hickory Ridge has had its own Village Center since 1992, notable for the Hickory Ridge Grill featuring Greek and American fare, as well as a grocery store and other stores.  For gatherings and special events, residents and guests are invited to utilize the Hawthorn Center’s banquet room or conference room.

Hickory Ridge is the second largest village in Columbia with over 4000 housing units and more than 13,000 residents.  We can help you find your new home in Columbia at Hickory Ridge, contact us today.

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